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Beer on Tap


What We’re All About - Mobile Bar

Hi, my name is Alexia – most of my family and friends call me Alex or Al.
Welcome to the world of “The Jughead”.
You’re probably wondering, where did I get my unusual business name?
I am very lucky to be named after my grandfather (koro) whose name was Alexander and his famous nickname was you guessed it - “Jughead”.
Legend has it (in his version) he could drink jugs of beer, but I’ve heard a much different story from my nan who said, “a jug of beer fell on his head”. LOL.
My koro introduced me to the life of pouring the perfect beer at a very young age. I personally think one of his life highlights was the day, I finally poured the perfect pint of beer with the perfect level of froth. I can still picture it to this day his big smiley grin!
And with that memory firmly engrained in me forever, I want to replicate that same experience in serving and providing your guests with a happy and unique serving experience

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